Tina Campbell of Mary Mary (L) and Koryn Hawthorne of NBC’s “The Voice” (R) GETTY

A new WE tv supertease clip is hinting that Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell could be replaced.

Her refusal to record a new record just may have made room for “The Voice” season 8 alum, Koryn Hawthorne—a development that would be shocking to the gospel community.

Irony of ironies, the talented 18-year-old appears on Season 5 of Mary Mary courtesy of Mitchell Solarek—called Mitch—who sued the GRAMMY® Award-winning sibling group after being fired.

The savvy music exec recently signed Koryn to an exclusive deal with his agency, Maximum Artist Management.

Mithcell Solarek (L) and Koryn Hawthorne (R) [Photo Credit: INSTAGRAM]

“I don’t want you to miss a phenomenal opportunity. She’s a superstar,” says Mitch in the WE tv teaser while meeting with Warryn Campbell, founder of Mary Mary, husband of Erica Campbell and CEO of My Block Records.

The docu series reveals that Mitch’s proposition comes at a time of immense pressure for Warryn who was paid seven figures by Mary Mary’s label, Sony, to produce another album.

“I’ve got nothing. Matter of fact, I’ve got less than nothing,” says the 40-year-old during one of his on-camera confessionals.

In order to get something going, the LA-based composer and his award-winning songstress wife Erica try to convince Tina, who is still promoting her solo effort, It’s Personal, to get back to work on Mary Mary’s music.

“I’ll do another record when I have time to do it,” an uncooperative Tina tells her sister, adding, “Warryn signed a deal with them, so Warryn can feel the pressure.”

Trying to convince an unmovable NAACP Award-winner to comply isn’t working very well, so the My Block head honcho tells her, “If they don’t get an album from y’all, they want the money back.”

When Tina responds by saying, “I don’t want to put a record out,” Warryn shoots back, “[If] you can’t do it, I’m going to fire you.”

This perfect storm creates an ideal opportunity for Mitch to sell Warryn on the idea of considering Koryn who is briefly flashed across the screen in the preview.

Koryn sings “Oh Mary Don’t You Weep” on “The Voice” (Photo Credit: NBC

So, will Mary Mary be reborn with different members?

EEW Magazine’s insiders don’t even know. Only time will tell.

In the music business, where everyone is replaceable, familial ties and feelings don’t drive decisions. Money does.

Koryn, a Gospel/Soul/R&B singer from Abbeville, Louisiana was a final four contender on “The Voice.” Her rendition of the gospel classic “How Great Thou Art” debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Gospel Songs chart on April 25.

While on the show, she impressed the coaches so much, “The Voice” released 14 of Hawthorne’s performances from the show on iTunes, Spotify, and other digital outlets.

Included in these releases is the original song, “Bright Fire,” written by judge Pharrell Williams specifically for her.

“How about we just cast a new Mary Mary?” Warryn says to Erica in the footage. But she doesn’t appear to like the idea very much.


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