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woman drinking water

Most of us are walking around chronically dehydrated. Literally like empty water wells in the middle of the Sahara Desert. Empty, dry and desolate. The only problem with it is that we are fluid beings meant to be alive, flexible and vibrant just like the ocean. In fact, our bodies are roughly 60-75% water! Think about that for a moment.

The majority of your body is water. Friends, that is a scientific fact. If you’d like to explore the research there’s plenty available.

The point is that water is arguably the single most important element in the human diet that cannot be replaced by any other source. It’s so vital that we cannot go more than three or four days without it or we’d die. So then why do most of us only drink enough to survive?

Whenever we choose to do something enough just to get by we always get the short of the stick. The same is true with our water intake. For those of us who are chronically dehydrated we tend to “exist” compared to our potential of “thriving.” If we’re only putting enough water in our body to accomplish the “minimum” then we’re suffering.

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source: BlackDoctor.org

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