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As a wife, mother and first lady, she didn’t just break the mold. She is the mold.

I will miss having this beautiful and unapologetically black woman in the White House. In honor of her last year as first lady, here are 10 of her best and blackest moments.

1.  Launching the Let’s Move! Initiative

President Obama has been criticized by both the type of white person searching for reasons to be critical of him and the type of black person searching for reasons to be critical of him for not doing anything specifically to benefit black people. This criticism has always been, for lack of a better term, dumb as hell, since anyone with a working brain stem and Wi-Fi connection can easily (easily!!!) find dozens of initiatives and policy measures very obviously intended to benefit people of color. It’s also no accident that the first lady’s most comprehensive initiative is a program to get America healthier. We (black people) disproportionately suffer from obesity and malnutrition, and the very first thing Michelle Obama did in office was devise a way to help change that.

2. Rocking, Like, a Thousand Different Hairstyles

Each and every one of her stylistic changes is a subtle shoutout to every black woman who had her hair done a certain way on Friday, went to the salon to get something different on Saturday, went back to work on Monday and still had her white co-workers staring at her like she was a completely different person from a completely different planet on Tuesday.

3. The “Terrorist Fist Bump”

Only in America would an exceedingly benign greeting between two black people be interpreted as some al-Qaida initiation prompt.

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