Ramon Castro wore a long beard and was at times mistaken for his more famous younger brother, Fidel Castro.

Cuba’s Ramon Castro, Brother To Revolutionary Fidel Castro, Dies:

Ramon Castro has died at age 91.

The older brother of Fidel, 89, and Raul Castro, 84, knew little renown, as he declined an active role in the struggle that heaved the two, and communism, to power in Cuba in 1959.

Ramon Castro wore a long beard and was at times mistaken for leader Fidel Castro, who was about the same height and stature, but he preferred tilling the earth to stirring armed revolution. He was a farmer like his father Angel Castro.

Trump Scores Big Win In Nevada:

Donald Trump notched a resounding win in the Nevada caucuses Tuesday, channeling the roiling anger of Republican voters against the establishment and sweeping almost every category of the electorate to build his dominance in the delegate count.

It was a stunning show of momentum for his campaign, one that made it increasingly difficult to imagine a scenario where any other GOP candidate wins the Republican nomination.

“We love Nevada,” Trump said during his brief victory speech at his party in Las Vegas late Tuesday night. “We will be celebrating for a long time tonight.”

CNN Town Hall: Clinton, Sanders Make Pitch To Minority Voters:

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders confronted issues of race Tuesday at a CNN town hall four days ahead of the South Carolina Democratic primary in which African-American voters will play a crucial role.

Sanders accused Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump and others of fomenting a “racist effort” to delegitimize President Barack Obama. Sanders portrayed the “birther” controversy that Trump pushed during Obama’s first term as part of a Republican strategy to thwart his presidency, based on the mantra “obstruct, obstruct, obstruct.”

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