Not only has Diggins, a three-time All-American, led her team to back-to-back national championship appearances with her incredible talent, strength and perseverance, she also has raised the profile of women’s college basketball on and off the court.

More than 275,000 people follow her on Twitter, which made Diggins the most-followed NCAA student-athlete ever. Some unquestionably are drawn to Diggins’ fiery take-no-prisoners play, but many are crushing on the woman who makes a camouflage headband look like a fashion statement.

“I don’t know if they follow me because they think I am good at basketball or I don’t fit what they think a woman basketball player is supposed to look like,” Diggins says. “I love to play like a guy and look like a woman.”

But when asked where she gets her model-type looks from, Diggins simply points to her mother, Renee Scott.

“She’s the beautiful one — all 5 foot nothin’, 100 and nothin’,” she says. “I’m just the poor man’s version of her.”

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