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Tameka “Tiny” Harris is somewhat of an expert at being a mom, almost seven times over. She had the opportunity to do an exclusive interview with rolling out last month in an undisclosed Atlanta location. She talks about being a mother for the seventh time, at age 40, and also discusses how both she and her husband, TI, have matured as parents. Check out the details below and let us know what you think about Tiny becoming a mother again.

I just wanted to start off by saying that you are an inspiration to women and mothers on how to be a mother and how to love.

Today, you have made another mark in our community of greatness as being a mother again at 40. That’s a ray of hope.

That’s a ray of hope, because you know what? Now, I’ve been looking it up because I was feeling old, and I was like there [are] a lot of 40-year-old women having babies and I’m glad to be in the ballpark because this is my last child, of course, because I’m 40, and I’m just excited about this baby. I think I’m really mature and ready to be with this baby.

On your social media sites, we seen you say something about the lucky number seven.  Let the people know exactly what the number seven means to you.

Well, seven is like my favorite number. For one, I’m born in the month of seven. My birthday is 7/14, so I write 7/ 7, 7, which makes up 14. It’s the number of God. And it’s my seventh child. So, you know it means a lot. I’m very big on numbers and seven is my number.

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