Flint Family Uses 151 Bottles Of Water Per Day:

An “arsenal” of cases of fresh water stacked in the basement and a graveyard of scattered empty bottles are daily reminders that life in Flint, Michigan, is anything but normal.

For Gina Luster, 41, seeing the stacks of bottles angers her. She says she feels like less than a good parent after watching her daughter, 7, and niece, 13, suffer from hair loss and skin rashes.

“It makes me feel like the lowest of the low. My self-esteem when it first began was so, so bad,” Luster said on the verge of tears in her dining room.

“You pull up to a place where you need this water, and the line is a mile long and you’re waiting in your car, praying you don’t run out of gas waiting, and you’ve got your kids in the car and they’re looking at you like ‘What are you going to do about this?'” she said.

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Clash In Wide-Ranging Debate:

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders waged an acrimonious debate duel Wednesday, throwing punches on immigration reform, auto bailouts and health care as they drew up fresh battle lines ahead of crucial primaries next week that could dictate how long their quest for the Democratic nomination will last.

Clinton returned to her attack on Sanders for opposing the auto bailout. She noted that in December 2008, she and Sanders voted to support rescue for Detroit that was blocked by Republicans. But before President Barack Obama took office in 2009, the bailout was folded into a bailout bill for financial firms.

Michelle Obama To Girls: ‘Push Past Those Doubters’:

When Michelle Obama traveled to Cambodia last summer as part of her Let Girls Learn initiative, she had a message for any girls facing barriers to education: Move beyond the “doubters.”

It is something the first lady says she herself faced growing up. “There were some teachers that I ran into who doubted that a girl like me — a black girl from the south side of Chicago — should apply to Princeton or could get into Harvard,” Michelle Obama said during a recent panel discussion at the American Magazine Media Conference.

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