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Dolores “Dodie” Osteen, widow of Lakewood church founder John Osteen, and mother of famous megachurch Pastor Joel Osteen, said during an interview that healing miracles are real, pointing to her own miraculous recovery from cancer.

“I could have died when I was 48,” Osteen said in an interview with the Houston Chronicle, referring to her metastatic liver cancer.

“Now I’m 82, and I’m working for Him. I want people to know that God is a good god. He does want to answer prayers. All we have to do is have faith and hope. Sometimes life is hard, but God helps us get through,” she added.

Osteen shared in her new autobiography If My Heart Could Talk several similar miracles that she says her family has received, with her child, Lisa, somehow keeping from serious injury when a package bomb sent to the church exploded in her lap, and when Joel almost had a serious car accident on a Houston freeway.

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