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There’s nothing like traditional gospel music. For some people, childhood memories flash back, and for others, it’s a place of comfort. Much like scriptures in the Bible, and much like praying hands, the spiritual connector has been a staple part of praise and worship.

Best-selling author and visionary leader Bishop Larry D. Trotter takes it there in his newest release, How Far Back Can You Go: Church Unplugged Vol. 2, where he evangelizes through classic hymns and highlights its importance. His latest? “Traveling Shoes.”

Below, Bishop Trotter explains the direction of the album that includes songs similar to the latter and having spent over 30 years ministering, offers wisdom on the “work hard, play hard” mantra.

ALIYA FAUST: Congrats on the new album. Tell us a little about the project…

BISHOP TROTTER: God is faithful. We just released a project entitled How Far Back Can You Go: Church Unplugged and it’s old songs, traditional hymns we grew up on. It’s Sunday morning kind of music. We’re thanking God to be able to continue in this lane of gospel music.

I really like that idea. When I heard “Traveling Shoes,” I was like, ‘Wow.’ It felt kind of reminiscent.

[Laughs] Got on my traveling shoes… Back in those days, we did a lot of call-and-response songs. The unique thing about this project is, we didn’t do a lot of mixing. We wanted to have that pure church sound. People really like “Traveling Shoes.” We could sing that for hours.

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