Upon hearing about the tragic car accident that left Tracy Morgan in a coma and his friend Jimmy Mack dead nearly two years ago, people everywhere feared another loss in the world of comedy. With Morgan suffering a severe brain injury from the crash, there were questions about how much he would recover and whether or not he’d ever return to the stage.

As difficult as that could have been for fans to accept, Morgan losing his ability to make people laugh would have meant utter devastation to the comedian himself, he tells Oprah on OWN’s “SuperSoul Sunday.”

“My sense of humor was my gift that He gave me to survive all the hardships of my life,” Morgan begins. “If I could make you laugh and forget about the things that you’re going through for a minute? I love that.”

It’s more than just a love of comedy, however. It’s a “spiritual calling,” as Oprah describes it.

“If I couldn’t do that anymore, I don’t know if I would want to live,” Morgan says.

He continues, “All those hardships in my life, [humor] was given to me to get past that. So, how am I gonna live without that?”

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