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Article By Angela Hudson // EEW Magazine

When American Idol runner up La’Porsha Renae said to a reporter she doesn’t “agree” with homosexuality, some gay-friendly folks got hot and bothered.

But what’s wrong with the Mississippi-born singer being honest about her personal convictions when asked?

Renae’s answer was in response to a question about her home state’s new HB 1523 law, which protects Christians who believe in the biblical definition of marriage from being punished for their belief system.

“This is how I feel about the LGBT community: They are people just like us. They’re not animals as someone stated before. They’re people with feelings,” said the domestic violence survivor, who once moved into a shelter to ensure her own safety and that of her 7-month-old daughter.

Renae continued, “Although all of us may not agree with that particular lifestyle for religious reasons, whatever the reason is, you still treat each other with respect. Everybody is a human being. We should be able to coexist with one another.”

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