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But like a stream in a desert, the church shines as a beacon of hope, donating water and other necessities by the truck load.

Churches like El Shaddai Assembly of God, where Pastor Abe Garcia leads the way.

“We are a smaller church, but we always want to do stuff, we always want to reach out to our community. So we just starting devising a plan, praying and in January we wanted to become a water distribution center,” recalled Garcia.

That’s exactly what they did. With thirty-percent of Garcia’s congregation directly affected by the toxic water, they got the ball rolling with a seed offering from the Latin Assemblies of God.

Then the help poured in.

“We got connected with Catholic Charities which is located here in Flint as well and they have a great water distribution center going on there. They are doing awesome work. They are supplying a lot of the water we have here,” remarked Garcia.

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