If you’re not surfing between multiple social media platforms or steadily streaming on popular music services, then there’s a slim possibility you’re still in the dark about one of the most exciting new Urban Inspirational artists to emerge in years.
These 5 free-spirited new voices from The Bronx call themselves – Livre – taken from the latin or Portuguese word for free. These next generation artists know how to navigate between genres, genders and multiple generations of Gospel music fans. With just a few weeks before the release of their debut album – Jericho – hitting the streets, had a chit chat with these amazing new talents who are taking the industry by storm.

Christopher Heron:  Let me begin with a question on the Bronx. Where can someone in the Bronx get the best food in the neighborhood?
Livre – Malik: I would have to say for pizza, you have to go to Nick’s Pizza. That’s the best pizza in the world.
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