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Dry eyes are common and can be caused by hormonal changes, aging or other irritants in which we come into contact on a daily basis. Good eye care practices are essential in order to protect your eyes and improve the quality of your tear production. The good thing is that there are many natural remedies which you can use to help soothe your dry eyes.

Here are some which you can do immediately:

  • If you want to unplug blocked tear glands, apply a warm compress to your eyes.
  • Use a mild wash or water mixed with baby shampoo to massage the base of your eyelashes while your eyes are closed. When you are done, rinse thoroughly.
  • Blink frequently. There are many benefits to blinking especially if you are sitting in front of a computer screen constantly, watching TV, reading, or using a mobile device which can agitate your eyes with prolonged use. Blinking helps you to spread fluid across your entire eye surface. This also helps with dryness in your eyes.
  • Protect your eyes with sunglasses. Sunlight can cause your eyes to become dry or irritate already dry eyes.

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