Article By Julie Blim // EEW Magazine Inspiration

“Having a good time getting high. I was having a good time drinking. I was having a good time being promiscuous. I was having a good time selling drugs. I made a lot of money – I mean, tons of money.”

Pleasure and power were all Verna cared about.  The reasons for her lifestyle choices go back to her childhood, when she was one of 14 kids.

“I felt overlooked. And I was like searching for the love. Like I wanted the love and the validation from my mom and my dad. And my dad never said that I love you.”

At the hands of family members, Verna was molested as a little girl, and raped at age 14.   Though she told her parents, they decided to sweep it under the rug.

“I didn’t feel as though it was my fault. I just felt hurt. And betrayed. And abandoned. The hurt turned into rebellion, anger, violence.  I just became very –a person that didn’t take no stuff off of nobody. Especially a male.”

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