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There are 247 days left of First Lady Michelle Obama, but we’re already feeling nostalgic. (Maybe it was seeing the last set of pictures from the Obamas’ annual dramatic reading of Where the Wild Things Are at the White House Easter Roll? ) Either way, WE’RE NOT READY.

These past seven years have spoiled us with possibly the hippest and most relatable first lady of all time. But what makes Michelle so awesome in the White House-she’s super successful, smart, and somehow seems to just be having fun with it-means that she’ll probably be even more of an icon after she leaves.

M.O. hasn’t dropped many hints as to what she wants to do starting in 2017 (besides stay in D.C. and go on a Target run like the rest of us), but we’ve got a few suggestions. Here, five glorious, post-White House scenarios we think would be pretty sweet:

1. Michelle Founds an All-Female Firm, Basically Does ‘The Good Wife’ in Real Life

Hear us out: Michelle is a lawyer by training, and practiced for four years at the prestigious firm Sidley Austin (where she was assigned to mentor a young Barack). And she is a big supporter of professional women-as of 2014, her staff was primarily female. But establishing the firm would just be the start. There’s been talk about the possibility of appointing Barack to the Supreme Court, but why not fellow Harvard Law alum Michelle?

2. Michelle Hosts ‘The Michelle Show’ à la Melissa Harris-Perry

Let’s be honest, the woman is made to be on TV-just look at what she’s done with six seconds in her“Turnip for What” vine. The Michelle Show of our dreams would have the political/cultural commentary of Melissa Harris-Perry, the searing in-depth interviews of Barbara Walters, and a healthy dash of Michelle’s own talk show prowess (see: her legendary Jimmy Fallon appearances). Preferably airing on the weeknights when Samantha Bee and Broad City aren’t on.

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