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While is front of a crowd during a meeting on stopping violence in Cleveland, Council Zack Reed reads from a text he received this morning from the Cleveland police.

“East 93rd Street and Miles, 23-year-old male gunshot victim to the abdomen. Right now, just happened at 10:16.”

Councilman Reed says Cleveland’s neighborhoods are in crisis. There have been six shootings in the last 24 hours. One, at 151st and Harvard yesterday, another at East 93rd and Miles this morning. African American males between 16 and 25 are falling like flies, gunned down by people who look like them. Councilman Reed is shocked by the frequency of the often deadly shootings in his city.

“Look at the ages we’re talking about here,” Reed says. “A 25-year-old shot and killed here. A 13-year-old was in that car. An 18-year-old was in that car. A 23-year-old shot this morning.”

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