An Ohio man was awarded $22 million after being beaten and locked in a storage closet by two East Cleveland police officers for four days.

Arnold Black was arrested in 2012 for allegedly transporting cocaine in his pick-up truck while traveling through East Cleveland. One of the two arresting officers severely beat Black and took him to a local police precinct.

Once they arrived at the location, instead of putting Black in a jail cell, he was locked in a storage closet to hide his injuries. Black spent the next four days in that storage closet with no toilet and was only given a carton of milk to drink.

Black filed a civil lawsuit against the City of East Cleveland for his four-day detainment, which includes the following allegations: 

  • Malicious Prosecution
  • Abuse of Process
  • Battery
  • False Imprisonment
  • Supervisory Liability
  • Reckless, Wanton, or Willful conduct
  • Civil Conspiracy

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