When Kirk Franklin stopped in Jacksonville, Florida, for the second leg of his tour Sunday, the concert was halted for a moment of intercession that made the veteran minister of music terrified to pray.

On his “Twenty Years In One Night” tour, Franklin taps singers in the audience to help him with the song “Intercession” from his Losing My Religion album. On June 5, one of that singer was 31-year-old gospel singer Josiah Martin who emotionally began to share his testimony and battle with kidney disease during the concert.

After the concert ended Franklin took to Facebook to reveal his emotional response to Martin’s testimony.

“Many in the music industry know him as JO JO, a prolific artist whose voice has been featured on many gospel and mainstream albums. Jo jo is 31 and has been waiting for a kidney match for over 3 years now,” Franklin explained. “Tonight while I was performing a song called INTERCESSION I passed him the mic in the audience and that’s when the air was sucked out of the room and the entrance of God’s presence was the only thing we remembered.. As he began to sing, he sung from one of the most honest and broken places I’ve ever heard a voice communicate from. As he sang about the fatigue of dialysis and the discouragement of waiting for a match, I wanted to pray for him, but was terrified to.”

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