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walllet with money

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Article By Coach Felicia Scott // EEW Magazine Coaching

There’s an old saying that goes, “You can run, but you can’t hide.”  Trust me when I tell you that nothing better describes my relationship with my finances for most of my adult life.

In my college years and mid-twenties, I spent money like water trying to soothe the problems only Christ could solve.  

In my thirties, I finally woke up, but it was only to do the bare minimum of giving, paying my bills on time and saving for retirement.  However, as I tip toe toward my forties—I’m facing down my financial fears.  

For years, my financial goals were stalled.

I recently realized that my failure to set and achieve goals in this area of my life was not reflective of a lack of ambition, but rather a loss of confidence in my ability to qualify for my dreams.  In short, it was a fear of insufficiency.  A part of me didn’t really believe that I could qualify for the privilege of home ownership and financial freedom.  This qualification couldn’t come from a bank or mortgage company; I’m talking about my belief in my ability to handle the task.

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