While the average life expectancy for white America is somewhere in the mid-70’s, a new report gathered by Huffington Post shows that only half of young black people expect to live past age 35.

Wow, only 35.

Thirty-five is when most people have their first or second child.

Thirty-five is when most people become financially independent for the first time.

Thirty-five is when most people move into their career that they’ll stay in 5 or more years.

Thirty-five is when many begin to contemplate “settling down.”

Thirty-five is still so young.

The American Sociological Association and the Journal of Health and Social Behavior released the study, which asked more than 17,000 young people to predict their longevity.

According to the Huffington Post, two out of three whites were optimistic about living past 35, compared with just 50 percent of young blacks. Some Hispanic groups were more pessimistic. Only 46 percent of U.S.-born Mexican Americans believe that they’ll reach 35. It drops to 38 percent for Mexican-born immigrants.

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