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St. Jude Radiothon 2024

He started walking on October 25, 2015, carrying a 12-foot cross as a way to represent his faith. His journey began in Jacksonville, Florida. To date, he has walked 1,500 miles. His name is Mitchell Manning and he is from Tennessee.

““He says, ‘If anyone would be my disciple he must first deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me,’” Manning said.

Unfortunately, Manning’s journey has been delayed due to someone taking his cross from a park in Seminole, TX. He temporarily left it in the ditch when he went to stay with a Seminole family Sunday.

“The cross is so big it’s hard to carry even if you do have a truck,” Manning said, “so I’ve always just left it on the side of the road in the grass.”

When he returned to that spot to resume his journey Tuesday morning, the cross and some of his belongings were gone.

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