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With the overwhelming support of the Senate, Dr. Carla Hayden has been approved as the next librarian of Congress.

Hayden, the head of Baltimore’s public library system and the former president of the American Library Association, is the first woman and the first African-American to hold the post.

Hayden was nominated by Obama in February, but a vote on her nomination wasn’t held until Wednesday.

John Billington, the previous librarian of Congress, was appointed by President Ronald Reagan and served for 28 years before retiring in a cloud of criticism in 2015.

The position used to be a lifetime appointment, but after Billington retired, Obama signed a law establishing a 10-year term for librarians of Congress, The Associated Press reports.

The Library of Congress, under Billington’s leadership, was criticized for failing to keep up with changes in technology. The Government Accountability Office highlighted problems with the library’s information technology systems, in particular.

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