BET Celebration Of Gospel 2016 - Red Carpet

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In the midst of mayhem, prayer is a stronghold. Yet as violence escalates, many question the fruit of faith.  But gospel musician Kirk Franklin will have none of it.

In response to fans and followers questioning if God does indeed listen to prayer, Franklin set the record straight:

Aren’t you getting tired of posting pictures of countless tragedies in the world..? I am. I even had someone on Twitter tell me “Kirk your prayers aren’t working”…. I disagree. God loving us so much that from the beginning of creation He placed inside of us the seed of choice, because love is only activated when you choose it. Unfortunately many don’t. They choose hate, sometimes in the name of love. So I believe our prayers work. Many of us are the products of praying mothers and grandmothers. So what if EVERY knee would bow and pray. Imagine….only if we would choose. ‪#‎prayforfrance‬

Source: Charisma-Jessilyn Justice/Joy105


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