dusk view of downtown Cleveland Skyline

Source: Nivek Neslo / Getty

Police officers and community members came together Tuesday night to make neighborhoods safer.

Tuesday marked the 33rd annual National Night Out. Humphrey Park in Collinwood swelled with neighbors happy to see the police department and residents interacting in a positive way.

“With more training and understanding about the works and functions of the neighborhood, less fear and more openness — I think it’s improving,” Michael Holt said, on the relationship between residents and the police force.

Fifth District Commander, Dennis Hill, says an event like this goes a long way toward improving the way the city and its police force work together.

“That’s so critical because we’re tired of this adversarial relationship. The police aren’t the bad guys. We’re not this occupying force. We’re part of the community. We’re fathers. We’re mothers. We’re teachers. We’re mentors,” he said.

Hill says the Republican National Convention was their department’s championship, and they’re still riding the wave, instilling trust that will help combat crime.

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