Closing Ceremony: Rio Passes Olympic Flag To Tokyo (and Super Mario):

It was a wet, windy and wild farewell to the 2016 Olympic Games as Rio de Janeiro bowed out in a storm of samba and rain inside the Maracana Stadium.

The night began with a power cut and ended with an explosion of color and carnival, featuring a supermodel, a giant parrot and hundreds of dancers dressed as plants — plus Japan’s prime minister in an unexpected outfit.

“I am the happiest man alive,” Carlos Nuzman, president of the Rio 2016 organizing committee, declared during Sunday’s closing ceremony.

Summer Olympics 2016: Winners and Losers Of The Rio Games:

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According to the Social Security Administration, the name “Simone” has waned in popularity for baby girls in America over the past 27 years. At its peak in 1988, it ranked 310th with 0.042 percent of female babies acquiring that name. In 2015, though, it was 821st in popularity with a grand total of just 340 baby girls named Simone.

Look for that number to spike considerably in 2016 and 2017 because of the success in Rio by American women named Simone—or Seimone, as in Seimone Augustus, a key member of the women’s basketball team that annihilated the opposition from start to finish.

Simone Biles was the Simone many knew before the 2016 Olympics began. With three consecutive individual all-around golds at the World Championships, she was already the greatest current female gymnast in the world. But after the 10 days she had in Rio, many are already naming Biles the greatest gymnast in history.

Around the Games - Olympics: Day 7

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Ryan Lochte: ‘I Over-Exaggerated’ Olympics Robbery Story:

US swimmer Ryan Lochte told NBC’s Matt Lauer it was his fault that a fabricated story about a robbery caused an international Olympics scandal.

“I over-exaggerated that story and if I had never done that we wouldn’t be in this mess,” he said in a snippet of the interview aired on NBC on Saturday evening.
“None of this would have happened,” he added about the aftermath in which three of his fellow swimmers were questioned by Brazilian police and one was ordered to donate nearly $11,000 to a Brazilian charity.

Trump Campaign Manager: A Deportation Force TBD:

It’s still undecided whether Donald Trump will continue to support forced deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants living in the US, his campaign manager said Sunday.

“To be determined,” said Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s new campaign manager, after repeated questioning by CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union.”
Conway was responding to reports about what was said in a meeting Trump held on Saturday with a Hispanic advisory council. Sources in the room told BuzzFeed that Trump spoke about a “humane and efficient” way to work with undocumented immigrants in the country currently, which was characterized by BuzzFeed as a way to legalize some and let them stay.
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