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Nearly 4 years ago, Sheena Hardin was caught on camera swerving onto a sidewalk to pass a school bus packed with kids.

The Cleveland woman had to hold a sign that said “idiot”, pay a fine, and also had her license suspended for a month. The video may be extreme, but just a reminder of how impatient some drivers can be.

“Take it easy. You don’t want to hurt anybody, it’s not worth it,” said Brandon Verhovec.

It’s definitely worth a safety reminder, especially when children’s lives and others can be in danger because of reckless drivers. We wanted to know if Clevelanders knew what to do when it comes to school bus safety.

Do you know the Ohio law when it comes to stopping for school buses do you know what to do?

“When the sign comes out. You stop until the sign goes back in,” explained Tracie King.

“I would stop my car,” said Lena Valensic.

You stop at least 10-feet away If you are on a 2-lane road and the bus has its flashing red lights and the stop arm extended on the left side under the window.

And when you see the yellow lights flashing that means caution treat it like a traffic light, prepare to stop. But, according to Ohio law if you’re on a 4-lane road only the side of the road that the bus is on must stop.

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