21:03, comprised of Evin and Torrence, is back with new music… a whole EP called Momentum. Led by their latest song, “God is the Plug,” Momentum boosts nine hip tracks featuring collaborations with TWyse, CJ King, J Moss,Rap Allstars, Canton Jones, Claude Deuce, pda and more. It follows their 2015 album, Outsiders. 

“We are fully committed to using every gift God has given us, whether we are singing, rapping or dancing, the message is the same,” Evin says regarding their flip in sound on the new project. “Jesus is the hope of the world and God is the plug.” Torrence adds, “It’s open door season. It’s time to attempt things you wouldn’t normally.”

Peep 21:03’s Momentum track list below…

Track List
1. God is the Plug
2. Momentum
3. He Knows
4. Trouble
5. One God
6. Bigger Remix
7. Faith
8. Nobody Bigger
9. Give You More (bonus)

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