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If you ask Christian hip-hop artist Kevin Elijah Burgess, aka “KB,” the Church is going to have to confront the blind spots that it has preferred to ignore if real racial reconciliation is to happen.

In an interview with The Christian Post, Burgess said that for real racial reconciliation in America to occur and for the Church to become a prophetic voice on the matter, two things are going to have to happen.

“One is confession. There is no repentance without confession. I think there needs to be a particular emphasis on the reality that the Church is as segregated as it has always been,” said the 28-year-old native of St. Petersburg, Florida, just before he took the stage before 37,000 people at SoCal Harvest in Angel Stadium on Saturday.

Although it’s different today, in that there are no physical signs forbidding certain races from entering places, “if we’re honest and will weep over the statistics, the events [happening in society] are largely monolithic in terms of ethnicity, and the same things apply to the Church,” Burgess explained.

But race relations, he is quick to add, is a two-way street.

Noting that his own church had to do this, KB said: “We need to look at our all black church and we need to say, ‘that’s a problem.’ And I would encourage my white brothers and sisters, as gently as I can very straightforward, that we need to look at our all-white church, our all-white industry or all-white festival or whatever it is and say: ‘This is not what God wanted.’”

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