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Making sense of the world is challenging for adults—and even more so for youths. Events and social conditions affect kids, but they often lack the voice and means to express their views.

Tiffany James, a Columbia, South Carolina-based performer and blogger, launched Acting Up with Tiffany in 2015 to help teens and pre-teens find their voice through drama.

She told NewsOne that her goal is to provide students with “a space to express themselves and shine a light on social issues impacting their lives.”

The subject matter in James’ arts activism class centers on involvement in issues that affect the Columbia community from the perspective of the youths. Some of the issues the students have chosen to tackle so far include bullying and hunger.

James said childhood hunger is a problem in South Carolina that impacts scores of Columbia residents in a very personal way. And bullying is a situation that students, unfortunately, encounter all too often, that her kids needed to confront.

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