After 14 years, Cross Point Church senior pastor Pete Wilson is resigning.

“Leaders who lead on empty don’t lead well,” Wilson said during Sunday morning’s sermon. “For some time, I’ve been leading on empty.”

Wilson said his priority has been creating a church community where “everyone’s welcome because nobody’s perfect,” which has taken away from prioritizing “some other things that were equally as important.”

“I’m tired,” he said. “And I’m broken and I just need some rest. I love you all; I love the vision of this church more today than I ever have. I believe in the elders of this church, I believe in the leaders of this church. I believe they have a good handle on this situation moving forward.”

Wilson founded Cross Point Church in 2002 and by 2013 it was named one of America’s fastest growing churches by Outreach Magazine. Today, the church says it serves almost 7,500 people every Sunday and has six locations throughout the Nashville area.

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Source: The Tennessean-Jen Todd

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