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Oprah Winfrey. The award-winning media mogul, actress, philanthropist and cultural icon inspires so many people every day. Perhaps because we see so much of ourselves in what she represents: a very real person trying her hardest every day to live well – while challenging others to do the same. And she’s been inspiring so many for so long.

As a matter of fact, September 2016 marks the 30-year anniversary of her legendary talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show. The daytime talk show had the biggest celebrities, the most in-depth interviews and tips for living life at your very best.

But when asked does she miss it, the network channel owner said, “I never wanted to be the person for whom people were saying, ‘Oh that show was so good two years ago.’ I never wanted to be the person who [was told], ‘You should’ve gotten out of the ring before you got punched stronger,’” Winfrey shared.“I never wanted to be the person who didn’t know when to exit the party.”

“It was the most glorious, most amazing platform anybody can have to speak to millions of people every day and I think I exited in the exact right moment,” she continued. “So now, I get to tell stories in a different way.”

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