Donnie McClurkin recently hopped on Periscope per his usual social doing and when asked by a viewer if he’d interview Jermaine Dolly, Donnie Mac said he’d love to and went on about how much he loved Dolly’s song, “You.”

Little did we know, four years ago McClurkin gave Dolly a bit of advice that helped shaped his solo career while he was on the road singing background for Tye Tribbett. Dolly took to Instagram to recap the motivational encounter:

“I did a mixtape called Hello Dolly. I was selling mixtape from Uptown (PHILLY) to Chester, PA out a duffle bag while I was on the road singing background. I met a lot of people in the gospel music industry so I would pass off my mixtape to artist and take pics (I know none of y’all listened to it but it’s coooool dooooooe). So, Tye Trib Greater Than live recording happened and after we sang I got a chance to pass off my mixtape to uncle Donnie McClurkin. I was jus trying to take a pic with Donnie holding my mixtape so I could post it on the gram. As you can see, Donnie looked at my mixtape and did something nooobody had ever did. 

He asked me “what is this?” I said my gospel mixtape. He said “what are you trying do with this?” I said “put it on iTunes I guess.” Donnie shook his head. He then asked “do u have a manager, business card and copyrights to your songs?” I said no, then Donnie said “If I had’ve known you, I would call you a dummy!” Am I lying [Jonathan Nelson]?! Basically he did but whatever.

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