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Growing up is hard to do, even for celebrities. From juggling college and working full-time or paying bills and squeezing in a social life, we figured millennials could use some words of wisdom about surviving life as a young adult. Keep reading to see the advice some your favorite stars would give to their younger selves (that you could also borrow for yourself).

Michelle Obama

“Understand that no one — especially folks who are truly successful — simply coasts from achievement to achievement. The most accomplished people in the world fail, and fail big. That’s how they learn so much and grow so quickly and become so interesting and wise.”

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Kerry Washington

Make sure that your dreams are yours. Make sure that you are not pursuing the dreams that somebody thinks you should have because dreams take a lot of work and a lot of support and you’ll be more inspired to go after them if they’re really, really yours.”

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Tracee Ellis Ross

“There will be parts of your body that you are not fond of. That’s OK. You can love those parts of you even if you don’t like them. And you do that by being kind to them. And speaking gently and lovingly to those parts of yourself.”

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