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“No.  I’m not crazy, and I know that something is wrong with me, and I won’t stop until I find out why I’m

feeling this way.”

This is what Grammy® and Dove nominated songwriter, and recording artist, Dayna Caddell, would

say to several doctors who thought her illness was all in her head.

It began in September of 2012, on a hot, dry day in Scottsdale, Arizona while she was with her family

celebrating the birthdays of her father and brother.

“I remember the day very clear when I had my first flare up,” Dayna tells EEW Magazine.  “I awoke with

a deep red dot on the side of my eye but thought nothing of it.  A few weeks later, I awoke with puffy

eyes—well, beyond puffy.  So bad that I could hardly see.”

This would be the first symptom of many “flare ups”—brain fog, chronic fatigue, joint pain, food

intolerances, anaphylaxis —on a long road to a diagnosis.  You see, the nature of autoimmune

disease is to attack in cycles, to ‘flare.’  And this was just the beginning for Dayna Caddell.

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