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Many of us want to believe that things will be significantly different.  However, fear keeps us from asking for

these changes.  Disappointed by the past, we are more comfortable managing our emotions with reserve than

risking the possibility of more unfulfilled hopes.  But, it is time to stop playing the game and believe God for

our turnarounds.

We must be willing to pray, believe God and risk the challenges that go hand in hand with great victories.  If

we add it all up, our gains have been greater than our losses.  Getting to the place of

turnaround will require that we stop playing it safe.  We need an unrestrained connection with

God in order to win!

We must:

1. Pave our path with prayer:  Unchecked and unchallenged, disappointment will terrorize and cripple

our prayers.

It hurts when it feels as if God doesn’t hear us, but we can’t use getting our way as a measure of His

love.  Like me, maybe some of your prayers haven’t been scriptural or perhaps there is a greater

role you need to play in birthing your change.  For instance, praying for financial blessings but

refusing to make a budget is a sure sign that you aren’t sold out to getting your prayer answered.

You have to do the painful part and He’ll do the God part.

When all is said and done, we must never forget that we pray from a limited perspective.  It is only

through connection with God that we can pray from a place that is beyond our finite understanding.

So purpose to create a dynamic prayer life.  Find the ways to maintain communication and

connection with God.  We may not all be prayer warriors, but we are all called to pray His will into

the earth.  The other day, I heard a minister say that in the times we don’t know what to pray, we

should pray for wisdom.  When we don’t have the energy to pray, ask for strength.  When all is said

and done, pray to get and stay connected.

2. Remember each day’s new mercies:  We can’t allow the “Nos” of yesterday to determine

what we are willing to ask for today and tomorrow.  God is committed to bringing and sustaining us

in the fulfillment of His purposes for our lives

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