Self described encourager and gracist Hart Ramsey stands with quiet confidence and eager anticipation as True Story, the follow up disc to Next Now from his NCC Family Choir is released to stores and digital outlets on Friday, October 14th.  Despite a hectic schedule preaching and pastoring two churches and encouraging the body of Christ around the globe  through his prolific teaching ministry, Pastor Ramsey found time to talk with GOSPELflava about music, worship and the new CD:

GOSPELflava: Pastor Ramsey, tell us about the music ministry at NCC

Pastor Ramsey: When we first started this church,  we were reluctant to start a music ministry because I didn’t want people coming just for the music. So, we had a worship leader leading the congregation in worship until I was directed by an elderly Apostle to start a music ministry because GOD wanted to use it to touch congregations around the nation & the world.

GOSPELFlava: As both a Pastor and a musician, can you tell us how important a cohesive relationship between both areas of ministry are key to an effective church.

Pastor Ramsey: Relationship between the Music Ministry & Pastor is critical. Ministry is a singular activity. The Bible says that the LORD builds the Church Body using that which “every joint supplies.” That means Worship & The Word is critical to spiritual growth. Pastors must see their musical teams as gifts from GOD to assist them in the perfecting of the Saints. Music opens hearts & creates an atmosphere where people can interact with the Holy Spirit.

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