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Clinton Leads Trump, Two New Polls Show:

Hillary Clinton is leading Donald Trump nationally among likely voters — but two new polls diverge on the size of her lead.

Clinton is 11 percentage points ahead of Trump, according to an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll out Sunday.
An ABC News/Washington Post poll, meanwhile, pegs her lead at 4 points.
In the NBC poll, Clinton has 48% support compared to 37% for Trump, 7% for Libertarian Gary Johnson and 2% for the Green Party’s Jill Stein. In a two-way race, Clinton leads 51% to 41%.

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Trump Ratchets Up ‘Rigged Election’ Claims, Which Pence Downplays:

Donald Trump and his surrogates amplified their argument over the weekend that the election is “rigged,” leaving the Republican nominee more isolated as top members of the GOP — including his own running mate — declared their faith in the political system.

Trump opened Sunday with a series of tweets sowing doubt about the legitimacy of the election.
“The election is absolutely being rigged by the dishonest and distorted media pushing Crooked Hillary – but also at many polling places – SAD”
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Serena Williams Out Of BNP Paribas WTA Finals After Shoulder Injury:

Serena Williams will not take part in the BNP Paribas WTA Finals in late October due to a “troublesome shoulder injury,” according to a statement released by Women’s Tennis Association (WTA).

“The 35-year-old 22-time Grand Slam champion made the announcement late on Sunday after missing all of the Asian Swing due to that same issue; shoulder problems also kept her out of the Rogers Cup and Western & Southern Open earlier in the summer,” the statement said.
Serena Williams had been ranked second on the ladder in advance of the tournament, held in Singapore, behind German Angelique Kerber.
Harry Shearer is just one of the many "Simpsons" voices -- who creates many more "Simpsons" voices. He does Mr. Burns, Waylon Smithers, Ned Flanders and Principal Skinner. Click through for more of the other members of the show's cast.

‘The Simpsons’ And The Art Of Being In A Class Of Your Own:

When “The Simpsons” debuted in December 1989, it was the “perfect thing at the perfect time,” according to executive producer Al Jean. You could say, their timing was excellent.

Primetime animated TV families had a moment in the ’60s, with the likes of “The Jetsons” and “The Flintstones.” But there had never been anything quite like “The Simpsons” to hit the air. Six hundred episodes later, the show still aims to set itself apart.
At its start, the show — about dad Homer, mom Marge, and kids Lisa, Bart and Maggie — aimed to be a sometime-crude, always-funny look at family life, with social commentary and satire woven into the mix. And catchphrases. Oh, so many, now-classic catchphrases.
A Peshmerga convoy drives towards a frontline in Khazer, about 30 kilometers (19 miles) east of Mosul, Iraq,  on Monday, October 17, 2016.   The Iraqi military and the country's Kurdish forces say they launched operations to the south and east of militant-held Mosul early Monday morning.

Battle For Mosul: Iraqi Forces Close In:

On the outskirts of Mosul, thousands of Iraqi-led forces have started to close in on the ISIS-controlled city. But entrenched ISIS forces, already bombarded from the ground and the air, are digging in for what could be group’s final stand for its last major stronghold in the country
In a televised statement Monday morning, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said “the victory bell has rung” in the massive mission to retake the historic city and free more than 1 million residents from the “brutality and terrorism of ISIS.”
If that happens, the Abadi government would claim a major victory after struggling to boost its credibility, prove its military prowess and end the terrorist group’s territorial dominance in Iraq’s oil-rich north.
Throughout the past year, the coalition has prepped for the major offensive against ISIS—one that started with targeted airstrikes by US-led coalition and Iraqi forces.
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