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Melania Trump: Donald Trump Was ‘Egged On’ Into ‘Boy Talk’:

Melania Trump defended Donald Trump in her first interview since the Republican nominee faced allegations of sexual misconduct, calling those accusations “lies” and saying Trump was “egged on” into “boy talk” during a 2005 tape in which he made lewd comments about women.

“I believe my husband. I believe my husband,” she said in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Monday.
“This was all organized from the opposition. And with the details … did they ever check the background of these women? They don’t have any facts.”
She also said she hadn’t heard her husband use that kind of language before.

White House State Dinner: Batali’s Pasta, 2016 Politics To Chew On:

On Monday night, Mario Batali will be sitting awake at his hotel in Washington worrying about cold pasta.

The famed Italian-American chef, tapped by the White House to craft a menu for President Barack Obama’s final state dinner on Tuesday, likes his food hot. The logistics of carting at least 400 plates of sweet potato agnolotti with butter and sage from the White House kitchen to a massive tent 200 yards away is, in Batali’s telling, a slight concern.
“If there’s one thing that I’m not going to sleep well about tonight, it’s only going to be the hot plates,” Batali said in between preparation sessions at the White House Monday. “I think I’ll be shaking in my orange crocs tomorrow when it’s about a half-hour before service.”


The Clintons Rally With Broadway Legends For Multimillion-Dollar Fundraiser:

Bill and Chelsea Clinton headlined a fundraiser on Monday in New York City with dozens of Broadway legends and comedians, many of whom roundly mocked Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Both Clintons thanked donors for attending the star studded event at the St. James Theatre, urging them to dig deeper to support the campaign in its last three weeks. But it was the former president who reflected on feelings Trump supporters were having, comparing them with groups of people who have felt left out in the past.
“They now feel like outsiders in a country they once felt like home,” Bill Clinton said, noting that those feelings were once shared with “gays immigrants, African-Americans, women, people with disabilities.”

Retired Four-Star General Admits Leaking Top-Secret Info To Media:

The former vice chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff pled guilty in federal court Monday, admitting he lied to the FBI when questioned about whether he provided two journalists with top secret information in 2012.

Retired four-star Gen. James Cartwright sat quietly with his attorney, former White House Counsel Gregory Craig, as Assistant US Attorney Leo J. Wise described the facts underlying the single charge of making false statements to federal investigators.
Cartwright, who became vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 2007, signed more than 36 non-disclosure agreements related to Department of Defense programs during his tenure, the government said. Cartwright retired in 2011, but kept his top secret security clearance.

Local GOP Office In North Carolina Firebombed:

A GOP office in Hillsborough, North Carolina, was firebombed over the weekend, with a swastika and the words “Nazi Republicans leave town or else” spray painted on an adjacent building, according to local officials.

No arrests have been made.
Gov. Pat McCrory on Monday called the fire an “assault on our democracy.”
Speaking from the scene, McCrory said the incident won’t get in the way of fair elections.
Hillsborough police said they are still processing evidence from the scene and they are receiving assistance from the FBI, North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

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