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Lecrae has released a new single from his upcoming follow-up to Anomaly called “Can’t Stop Me Now (Destination)”. Not only does the sound represent a fresh direction, but the lyrics are emotional and transparent, addressing police shootings, doubt and even depression.

He told Billboard that the new song started as a journal entry that he said he felt like people needed to hear:

The loss of lives from Michael Brown and Eric Garner to Tamir Rice and Philando Castile … these men and boys represented people who could be my family: nephews, cousins, brothers. So it grieved me deeply. I found that when I spoke about this, there was a large contingent of people with whom I may have shared similar beliefs in terms of faith. But they were completely on the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of sharing my grief for the loss of these lives.

So they lashed out and accused me of being political. That drove me to a place of deep despair and depression. What I also found is that a lot of us are wrestling with PTSD. You can’t be exposed to that much death and injustice and walk around unscathed.

The hip-hop star said that the new album is “90% done” and will contain songs “that people will probably be shocked to hear.”

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