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Bishop Paul S. Morton released his last solo album (Legacy: Live in New Orleans) on October 28, but says it’s not the end of his music career.

“People will still hear me, but doing 12 and 13 songs at my age?… I’m not a gambler,” he said jokingly regarding the finale of albums in his 30+ year career in music.

But don’t let age fool you. Bishop Morton sings and preaches up a storm, has jokes for days and runs an impressive five miles per day.

“It just takes an hour if you do it right,” he says. “I try to prepare myself for anything that I’m doing. I was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2006. This is 2016. If God spared my life, the least thing I can do is take care of this body that He allowed me to keep on this earth for a little while longer.”

If there’s one thing to take away from a sit down with Bishop Morton, it’s his passion. For God, his family, his music – it’s all evident in Legacy: Live in New Orleans, an album he considers extra special because it was recorded in the city where his career began.

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