Holiday Turkey

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News 5 took the time to learn exactly how to cook the perfect turkey for Thanksgiving. Broken down into ten steps, Resident Chef at Sur la Table in Westlake gave us the scoop.

The ten steps are:

1. Leave your turkey out for one hour at room temperature

2. Brine the turkey for 24 hours before by massaging salt under the skin, using 2 tsp. per side.

3. Add parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme to butter and rub onto the turkey (after tying the legs and tucking the turkey wings under).

4. Chop onion, carrot, and celery to add to the pan and place the turkey in the oven for 60 minutes. Check halfway through and add a cup of stock to keep drippings moist.

5. Prep butter and flour with stock for gravy.

6. Check the turkey after an hour and turn the heat down to 350° F. Baste the turkey with drippings from inside the pan and keep roasting until the fattest part of the thigh registers at 170° F.

7. Add drippings from the pan to the gravy.

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