Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now over, but that doesn’t mean the shopping is and neither are scammers.

Dick Eppstein from the Better Business Bureau has some tips on how to avoid getting taken this holiday season:

  • Watch out for “free trial” offers that renew automatically. You get the first item at a great price but now you are stuck with monthly shipments.
  • Some discount deals have a short fuse. You get a $50 gift card with a purchase but it expires in 30 days.
  • Many stores brought back layaway a few years ago. It’s a great service but know the terms. Do you need to make weekly payments or just pay at the end? What is the deadline day to pick up your items?
  • The BBB has warned about fake web sites that take orders to get credit card numbers. When purchasing online, get a shipping code to verify purchases have been shipped.
  • Always use a credit card for online purchases. Review your statements to be sure you don’t have fake charges on your card.
  • Beware of clicking on popups claiming to offer bargains. Many are scams that can infect your computer.


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