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Erica Campbell is sharing more than Christian music on her morning radio show, with the gospel music songstress also imparting wisdom to her listeners by letting people know how their actions may be blocking their blessings.

Campbell is the host of syndicated morning show “Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell” broadcasted out of Dallas, Texas on weekday mornings. During the Joy Living segment of her show, Campbell spoke about some key points that she said revolutionized her walk with Jesus Christ.

In the segment that Campbell also decided to highlight on social media, the singer, who first started in the gospel music duo group Mary Mary, shared five things that people do to block their blessings. According to Campbell, people walk in negativity, mediocrity, hold onto their past and live in fear which can hinder the blessings of God.

As it pertains to negativity, Campbell is making it clear that negativity is similar to doubt which is ultimately “anti-faith.”

“There is no way you can trust God and doubt him at the same time and that’s what negativity does. Some people say ‘I’m just being pessimistic’,” the singer told her listeners. “No baby you’re being doubtful. You’re not trusting everything that He can be in your life.”

Campbell followed up by explaining that mediocrity was, “doing just enough not to sin, but not doing enough to walk in the full abundance of God to really experience all that He has for you.” She went on to explain that putting 100 percent into everything would result in rewards from God.

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