Trump Lays Out Military Plan:

President-elect Donald Trump formally introduced his pick to lead the defense department Tuesday, as he brought his “thank you” tour to Fayetteville, North Carolina.

“In order to succeed in our defense policy, we must have the right person to lead in our Defense Department,” he said, reading from a Teleprompter. “This is why I am proud to formally announce today my intention to nominate General James “Mad Dog” Mattis as the next Secretary of Defense for the United States of America.”

Trump appeared disciplined — much unlike past campaign rallies when he broke from his talking points to makes news — and stayed mostly on script during his rally.
He laid out his plan for the US military saying that instead of “racing to topple” foreign regimes that “that we know nothing about. That we shouldn’t be involved with,” his government will instead focus on “defeating terrorism and destroying ISIS.”

Oakland Fire: Many Complaints Filed About Warehouse:

The city of Oakland received repeated complaints over several years about the “Ghost Ship” warehouse, which was gutted last week by a fire that killed at least 36 people.

Many of the 10 complaints were directed at the lot, pointing to a “ton of garbage piling up on the property” as well as the “illegal interior building structure” at the warehouse, according to city records released Tuesday.
The site had been damaged in a fire in 1988, but additional information on that incident was not immediately available.
The most recent complaints had been filed three weeks before Friday’s fire.

There’s A Hunger Problem On America’s College Campuse:

Montclair State University’s food pantry is tucked away down a maze of hallways in the student center. Like the hunger problem on campus itself, the pantry is not quite out in the open.

It opened on the New Jersey college’s campus in April, after administrators started hearing from students who said they were hungry and didn’t have enough money for food. They surveyed students, finding that more than half said they or someone they know experiences “food insecurity” — the lack of access to affordable, nutritious food.

On one Thursday in December, 33 students visited the food pantry, taking what they need to help make ends meet. They left with bread, cereal, milk, spaghetti, canned vegetables, as well as personal items like shampoo and soap.


Source: FREDERIC J. BROWN / Getty

LeBron James Won’t Stay At Trump’s New York City Hotel:

LeBron James won’t be among the guests staying at the Trump SoHo hotel.

James, who supported Hillary Clinton for president, is one of several Cavaliers players who have decided to stay elsewhere while they’re in New York City this week to play the Knicks. That’s according to, which cites Cavs general manager David Griffin.

Griffin said more than half of the 14 players who are traveling to the city may have decided not to stay the the hotel. Arrangements were made for these players to stay elsewhere.

James has been vocal about his dislike for President-elect Trump.

Pakistan: Plane Goes Missing With 40 passengers On Board:

Pakistan International Airlines Flight PK-661 carrying 40 passengers has lost contact with a control tower, the airline said in a statement Wednesday.

“We regret to inform that PIA’s ATR-42 aircraft operating as PK-661, carrying around 40 persons lost its contact with control tower on its way from Chitral (Pakistan) to Islamabad a short while ago,” the statement said.
“All resources are being mobilized to locate the aircraft. Media will be kept informed as situation develops.”

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