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Snowy road in snow storm.

Source: David Sacks / Getty

The Ohio Department of Transportation says they’ve been getting ready for the first big snow of the season for a long time.

Before the snow starts, crews focus on pre-treating the roadways with brine, which prevents ice from forming.

“We are definitely ready,” said Marissa McDaid, a spokesperson for ODOT. “It is something that we prepare for- a few months for actually. We go through our operational readiness training. We have a 150 point inspections on all of the vehicles. We are definitely prepared, whether we like it or not, It’s coming.”

Crews will be salting and plowing beginning with the busiest interstates and working out from there. They expect to have 80 trucks out across Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga County working around the clock until the snow event is over.

ODOT says that drivers should give snow plow trucks plenty of room to clear and salt the roadways.

“We want to remind people to not crowd the plow,” added McDaid. “If you see us on the roads stay back away from it. Try to be patient. They do have to travel below the speed limit. Try not to pass, if you don’t have to, because they are pretty wide, and they can take up more than one lane in some cases.”

They also recommend that drivers have an ice scraper, salt and an extra set of warm clothing inside their cars.


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