George Michael: World Pays Tribute To Global Superstar:

He was “the kindest, most generous soul and a brilliant artist,” Elton John wrote on Instagram, leading tributes to George Michael who died aged 53 on Christmas Day.

The singer is believed to have died from heart failure, his manager Michael Lippman said, according to the UK-based Press Association.

Michael’s death, which is being treated as “unexpected but not suspicious” by police, was also confirmed by the singer’s family.

Obama’s Exit Interview: Hope and Change Can Still Win Elections:

Arguing that Americans still subscribe to his vision of progressive change, President Barack Obama asserted in an interview recently he could have succeeded in this year’s election if he was eligible to run.

“I am confident in this vision because I’m confident that if I had run again and articulated it, I think I could’ve mobilized a majority of the American people to rally behind it,” Obama told his former senior adviser David Axelrod in an interview for the “The Axe Files” podcast, produced by the University of Chicago Institute of Politics and CNN.

Ivanka, Don. Jr. And Eric Have ALot To Learn:

Few people on Earth consume media more avidly than members of the Trump family, and this is doubly true when it comes to news items that mention the family name.

In my visits to Trump Tower I have seen many inter-office mailings that included items of interest from the global press with notes of approval from daughter Ivanka to her father. This habit of attending to all that’s written and said about the Trump clan makes it hard to believe family members didn’t notice the many thousands of references to “Trump” and “conflict of interest” in reports on the President-elect’s transition to the Oval Office.

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Louisiana College Students Are About To Lose Half Their Scholarship Money:

The cash-strapped state has pulled scholarship funding out from under them, raising their tuition cost for the spring semester to 50% more than they had expected.

For Jefferson and others, the cut might mean they’ll be taking on more student debt. It might mean they need to pick up another job. And for some, it just might put graduation out of reach.

“There will be students who drop out. We don’t know how many, but it will probably be the students with the most need,” said Dan Reneau, the Interim President of the University of Louisiana system who oversees nine universities and 90,000 students.

The Taylor Opportunity Program for Students, known as TOPS, is one of the most generous, merit-based state scholarships in the nation. Until now, it covered the entire cost of tuition for Louisiana students as long as they graduated from high school in-state and met two academic requirements: a 2.5 high school GPA in core classes and at least an average standardized test score.

Kyrie Irving Writes Another Chapter in Growing Legend

n a game that saw LeBron James catch fire from beyond the arc and the Golden State Warriors build a 14-point fourth-quarter lead, Kyrie Irving made the ending about him.

It didn’t look like the Cleveland Cavaliers would pull off a 109-108 victory in this NBA Finals rematch. They entered the final frame Sunday shooting under 35 percent from the floor, staving off each Warriors run with a steady diet of offensive rebounds and a supernova LeBron James (31 points, 13 rebounds, four assists).

Golden State opened the fourth with a 7-0 blitz, extending its lead to a game-high 14. That felt like the end.

Kevin Durant (36 points, 15 rebounds) was in rhythm. Klay Thompson (24 points), seldom idle, kept the Cavaliers defense on its toes away from the ball. Stephen Curry (15 points, three assists) could barely buy a bucket, but he set quality screens, and the Warriors didn’t seem to need him.

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