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Here are the top 12 answers that I repeatedly received as to why Christian men (between the ages of 30-55) date outside of the church.


Men say they need to feel valued and needed. They claim Christian women do a poor job of making a man feel that way. Christian women act as if they have a chip on their shoulder and don’t need or want a man because they have Jesus. So the men go where they are wanted and needed.

Your Pastor, Deacon and Church Family

There should only be one man in your relationship and that is the man you are dating—not your pastor’s opinions, statements or sermons. These men say they don’t want to hear what the pastor had to say. When Christian women constantly state “Pastor said this and Pastor said that…”It turns a man off. He wants to be the only one that you admire and quote, not your pastor. (Plus, he’s uncomfortable that another man has so much sway over you.)

Too Busy

They think the most traditional church girls are not available because they are in the church 24/7. It’s hard to date a woman who isn’t available.

No Other Exposure

They say some Christian women have a limited point of reference because all they know is the church. They say most lack balance. For example, they can quote the Bible but can’t discuss the latest topics affecting the culture. Their life experiences are limited, they aren’t well traveled, some lack cultural exposure and many are clueless to world events.

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SOURCE:BCNN1 via  Black and Married with Kids – Judi Mason

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