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If you haven’t heard, Burrell is seen on video preaching what’s being called a “hateful” sermon about “perverted” homosexuals just days before she’s scheduled to appear on “Ellen” of all things

In the video, which appeared online on Friday (12-30-16), Burrell asks anyone afflicted with the “homosexual spirit” to pray to God for deliverance. She then refers to homosexuality as a spirit of “delusion” as well as “confusion” before straight up calling out homosexuals “perverted.”

And for good measure, she throws Bishop Eddie Long under the bus by making reference to his illness and connecting it to homosexual activity.

Like we said, the kicker is that Kim Burrell is scheduled to appear on “Ellen” with Pharrell Williams on January 5th to promote the soundtrack of the movie “Hidden Figures” which Pharrell produced and features her singing. Now, ifher appearance on the show still happens, it’s going to be awkward because of course Ellen Degeneres is one of those ‘perverted’ homosexuals Burrell’s speaking so negatively about.

Meanwhile, Pharrell Williams, Octavia Spencer, Yolanda Adams, Chaka Khan, Questlove and other celebs are speaking out AGAINST Burrell’s hateful sermon. In a message shared via Instagram, Adams spoke out in defense of Bishop Eddie Long.

Yolanda Adams wrote:

“As a Person who has Gay Relatives and Friends, I had to put these Words in the Atmosphere to combat the unwarranted and unproven attack on My Friend #BishopLong.

Hateful Words are never profitable to the Cause of Christ in the World. Jesus said “They will know you by your Love.” LOVE YALL”

Pharrell Williams Responded with:

“I condemn hate speech of any kind. There is no room in this world for any kind of prejudice. My greatest hope is for inclusion and love for all humanity for 2017 and beyond.”

Actress Octavia Spencer, who appears in Hidden Figures,” basically agrees with Pharrell Williams:

“I agree. We are all God’s children equal in his eyes. Hatred isn’t the answer. Intolerance isn’t the answer.”

Chaka Khan’s tweet was about encouraging love instead of judgment:


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