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Frank Jackson

Source: Bill Pugliano / Getty Images News

Mayor Frank Jackson will appoint prosecutor Duane Deskins as the city’s first Chief of Prevention, Intervention and Opportunity for Youth and Young Adults on Tuesday morning.

Jackson created the position with the goal of curbing violent crime among youths in the city.

“Crime is not a cause, it is a symptom,” Jackson said in a statement. “This is no panacea. We need a broad effort to deal with the cause that involves education, jobs, and access to wealth.”

“Now is the time to put our resources and our effort where our talk as been,” he added. “We can’t claim to want a different reality for our kids and the communities they live in without becoming more intentional about solutions. As a result of this work we will see increased partnerships, develop leaders, and connect young people to the prosperity our city continues to develop.”

Deskins, the first to take on the cabinet-level position, has been a federal prosecutor for more than 30 years. He joined the Prosecutor’s Office in Dec. 2013 as Chief Prosecutor in the Juvenile Division and Director of Crime Prevention.

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